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Your Stories

Drove 11000 kilometres to meet Tracy

Was 21 and a wanderer, left Cairns mid 1974 after living and working there for several months and headed south through Victoria and South Australia and across to Western Australia before heading north and arriving in Darwin maybe August 1974. Would have stopped somewhere if...

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08 February

Numbers Game

When the news first hit 'down south' the death toll was given as 500+. The official final toll was well under 100. I kept hearing that the media had been slapped with a 'D' notice - i.e. banned form revealing the true figures - something...

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07 February

I lost a friend called Mem

Mem was a young Australian woman I met between 1970 and 1973 in London. She returned to Australia. Soon after Tracy I was told she'd died on a fishing boat in the cyclone. I emigrated to Australia in 1986 and soon after visited Darwin to pay...

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23 December

From Kevin Mulcahy, a blow in.

I arrived in Darwin in late February 1975 to lay the foundations for the Darwin reconstruction Commission, an organization charged by the Government to rebuild the city in a 5 year period. Needless to say I was stunned and shocked by what I saw of...

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09 December